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Never thought that we would ever be more than friends, now I'm all confused, cause for you, I have deeper feelings...

This is where it starts. 

One morning you wake up and everything seems to be completely normal. Sun's out shining, the birds are chirping, but you're completely bored. Don't mistake it, there are SO many things that you could be doing. The adult life presents nothing less than 1 billion choices and responsibilities (nap time, am I right?). 

You spend time with people innocuously, you share a little bit of yourself and get to know someone. You enjoy spending time with them and doing mundane things together and somewhere the creep sets in. Initially, (if you're me), you fight it. Technically, I'm not interested in girls anymore. I'm all about that single life! No more thinking about any of that stuff. It's been a good run so far, but I'm only like 8 months into the mission. I'm seriously shortchanging the rest of my life, guys. Something is wrong with my math, or my head (either is a viable choice, actually). You convince yourself that there is no reason to be concerned, you're steady in your choices and that's simply going to be that!

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Switch up the Focus

 What Up LJ?!? It's been a while since I seriously updated, but you look so different (perhaps, it's just because I'm old and stuff now).  I got the random idea to start writing in here like a journal type thing again. Let's knock the rust off. 

My friend Kathleen recently shared an article with me, that basically took a different lens to the idea of a bucket list. Comparing achievements to the idea of just being in the moment and actually letting yourself free to enjoy life, instead of hunting and collecting different memories. This was interesting to me, as I've been working with my therapist to start slowing down and really being present in the moments, instead of looking for the next big thing to appreciate. So, in the spirit of that, I'm going to start writing more frequently, about my random happenings (I feel like I just said that). Anyways. *AHEM*

I made the mistake of not getting something to eat before therapy tonight, which was partially because I was silly, but also partially because I was trying to do some last minute help for a co-worker in my company's Singapore office. This caused me to have to stay later and run off to get myself on BART and be able to get there on time. No biggie. I jumped on the fancy new work area bus (shout out to the Presidigo). After therapy, I went to "Eureka!" and got down to that eating business!

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here comes the real...

It's time for some real talk!

I have a chronic case of the independents. It's been an affliction since I was a little kid. I learned that there was no one better to take care of me than me. I had this insane ability to put faith in people at the wrong times, then I get hurt/upset/bitter when people let me down. Over the years, I learned that the only person that I could really trust was me. I developed this mentality that I was automatically the last on the list of anyone's concerns/cares/thoughts/etc.

Then I fooled around and wanted to get into a relationship.

I'm fully aware of the fact that in an adult relationship, there are two different individuals that choose to bring their lives together for various reasons. The fun part of that is thinking through all the crazy that can happen. Lemme say it seems to be even more intense when the two adults are separated for a good amount of time.

I am also aware that doing the long distance thing is not going to be easy. For me, the idea is that no matter what, if you really love the person, it's just a small blip on the radar of a potential lifetime of happiness to be separated for a while. I still believe that, but also, some stuff gets real. What I did not anticipate was that there would be tough feelings on either side. I did not anticipate that there would be times where a conversation about things is not what's up, so that's not going to be on the agenda (no matter how much better it would make the other party feel).

Today I felt anxious, as things just didn't feel "on". I could tell something was maybe bothering her, but of course, she is like me, so we don't always want to speak about things right as we're going through them. Apparently, I was being way too excited about things, while she is going through some feels and anxiety. I didn't pick up on this, she had to let me know that this was the case. Why did I feel like I had messed up? I was upset a bit that I couldn't help her feel better while she was in the moment. I felt like I was actually making things worse, even though I wanted to help. That sucked. However, I had to realize that I am dealing with a fully formed adult person. Just because I am excited for her to be experiencing something new and different does not mean that she's not living through some apprehension and fear. The key to that is also realizing that it has nothing to do with me. I could be making things worse at the moment, but I'm (hopefully) not being a huge problem maker.

I need to make sure that I keep in mind that there is a whole different set of emotions at work here. She has a fully formed personality and way of getting through things that need to be expressed before she feels good about stuff. No matter how I'm feeling at the moment. I need to understand that this is the case and nothing that I can do will switch that up. The best that I can do is be open to listening to what's happening and being available for when the conversations need to happen. I'm one of those people who needs to be able to help solve issues all the time, so I forget that the process can be completely different for other people.

I'm trying to be patient and keep that in mind. This is just the beginning of things. She's been gone for less than a week. She's about to embark on something that's going to change her life. I don't always get that because I'm the one that's left behind. The best thing that I can do for her is pray about things and keep myself in a good place. I was disappointed in our interactions tonight, but I am happy that this is giving me an opportunity to realize that there are many other factors involved that do not include me, I just happen to be a piece in the middle of a lot of thoughts. I have to work on that patience and that grace. Especially when we're only able to work through things over email or text. Things could get particularly hairy.

Although, I will say. I'm happy that I'm doing all this learning with her. She's worth the effort and the time. Always.

Morning Reflections

This is what happens. You're in the dark, kissing a woman you've been dying to kiss for as long as you can remember, and it feels just as you always imagined it would... for the first time in memory you're not fearing the consequences, not thinking about the inevitable complications and you're floating, suspended in this perfect, translucent moment where nothing else exists.

-Jonathan Tropper

This is what it feels like. This is exactly what it felt like. As I sat in my bed, I contemplated the gravity of the situation that had unfurled itself, blowing my mind.

Twenty-five minutes earlier, I was sitting at Heart and Dagger being thoroughly entertained by stories of college shenanigans while nursing a Jack and Coke. Monica had invited me to meet a couple of friends that she knew from her time in college around the Boston area. Their spirited laughter sent my mind racing, formulating visuals of the scenarios they described, broken up by fits of laughter. There was an ease in this exchange, even though they hadn't seen each other in years, that demonstrated the strength of the friendship they shared. As the glasses were gradually emptied, everyone decided it was time to retire and attempt to wrench a few hours of sleep out of this evening. Monica asked if I would give her a ride home. Of course, I threw my hands up in sarcastic protest  (can't make anything too easy, now), even though she lived exactly 7 minutes away from my house. Yes, I had indeed done the math on that one, a fact that didn't seem as nerdy to me then. I was hoping for a little bit of alone time with her, since the recent rash of texts between us, I found myself wanting more and more of her attention.

The opportunity that I'd been waiting for had presented itself (OH SNAP!). In typical Justin fashion, I'd blow her mind with something witty as f*@k, then parlay that into an opportunity for prolonging the hangout before the inevitable end of the evening. We all parted and I awkwardly hung back a bit while goodbyes were meaningfully doled out with hugs. Once the festivities were over, eyes caught and it was on! Except, it wasn't. We walked to my car and I drove her back to her house. So lackluster and smooth (actually, that seems about right). That suave ride back was full of the awkward chuckles and silliness. Although I was living the situation, I at least was going to be able to be able to get the goodbye hug and move forward with life. As we pulled up to her house, she looked me in the eye, said goodbye, spun on her heels and disappeared. Yes, it IS interesting how she went from sitting in my car to spinning on her heels. It was a form of magic that had been heretofore unseen. Crash, burn, boo, hiss, etc.

The trip home was full of errant thoughts and distractions. Obviously, I was trying to figure out what my next move might be. Interestingly enough, I just decided that I would chill out and create a little separation because it was clear to me that I having thoughts which might cause me some heartbreak soon. Get home, get a little sleep, then regroup. As soon as I walked into my room, my phone went off. What the What?! It was Monica. She was having a dance party (why am I never invited to the fun things)? After 10 minutes, I had agreed to get together with her, because she'd come to the conclusion that we should've actually continued to hang out after Heart and Dagger (I repeat, what the WHAT?) I go to pick her up, we drive a little ways to a bar and make the awkward chats. After about 10 minutes, Monica turns to me and explains that over the past few weeks or so, she's developed some kind of interesting attraction. She asks me how I feel about her.

 In that dark bar, with the music playing and now having the knowledge of some attraction was all a lot to take in at once. However, I had the opportunity to keep it real and spit out my feelings. I had been holding back the desire to recklessly grab her and kiss her. All of a sudden I figured that if she put herself out there, that I could do the same thing without any issue. I looked her in the eyes for a second, grabbed her around the waist and I went for it. It was crazy to do, but it was also kinda amazing. The only thing that I could think was: "this is happening, this is happening, this is happening". It wasn't the most sultry kiss, but the world definitely faded away while I held her close to me. It was everything that I'd wanted made real. The electricity and excitement drowned out everything that was happening around me.

See You Later.

We both knew this day would come. Although heavily anticipated, this morning snuck up on both of us. It was about 4:15 am, she, her roommate, and I sleepily made a group effort to see her off and get her to the airport. The first part of her journey was taking her away from us to Boston. She's staying there for a few days, then she'll be down in Florida to spend a little bit of time with her parents. After that, shes's off to Costa Rica for a while. How long is a while? Well, it could be about 9 months, could be a little bit longer.

I spent a whole summer falling in love against the rules.

I fooled around and caught feelings for a friend. Was it that spring fever? Naw. Monica is amazing. Our 3-year friendship was one of straight up mutual respect. She was my homie. There were no Sunday fun days with Monica and Laura. The real funny part about it was that we'd never hung out alone more than 4 times. Somewhere along the line we started texting each other, checking in on each other, doing the elevated friend level stuff. I didn't even know what I was doing (as is usual, oblivious is my state of mind). I told our mutual friends what was happening and I was told that I should not say anything. It wasn't worth the time to go and jeopardize a good friendship with my "feels". Behind the scenes, it turns out that she was feeling similarly. I have my friends Beth and Nicky to thank for me finding out such things. They wing ma'amed me hard. The feelings were discussed and a kiss was had. This. Just. Got. Interesting.

The original arrangement was that there were no desires for anything more than just hanging out. Neither one of us wanted anything and it made no sense to have anything go down because of course, someone had decided to move out to Costa Rica for a while to teach English. So on top of all this, it was cool for us to hang out. No use for getting close when that was on the horizon, right? That message was loud and clear. So much so, that after things seemed to be heading in a direction that was leading us to get too close, it was decided that we should stop and go back to being friends. Of course, I didn't like this idea and I had to pause my side of the friendship piece. I had already caught the feels and couldn't really go back. Crazily enough, through a series of "real talk" sessions, we both realized that the feelings there were too real to ignore and the possibility for something amazing was too enticing.

This led to a situation where we pretty much saw each other every day. We got closer and closer, eventually realizing that there was more than just a passing fancy there. Against the previous odds, we decided to try a relationship (which was basically what we were doing right from the beginning, even if we didn't want to admit it to ourselves). Things from there were LOVELY.

All this time, there was that ticking time bomb of this trip to Costa Rica. This was eased by the idea that there were so many good times shared. First official dates, trips out of town, quality moments filled with magic and hope. Conversations about why this was a good thing for her floated around and made lots of sense.

The only problem was that I wasn't ready for the goodbye. I thought that I was prepared for all this fun business to just transition from holding hands and kisses to skype and phone calls. I thought that I was mentally prepared for making things happen on our own terms. We got this and it's going to be hard, but we got each other #teamwork! The idea seemed so solid and workable.

Then she looked me in the eyes, with tears in hers. There was no level of preparedness to be had for that goodbye. That look in her face, the goodbye kiss, the hug, the "I love you". That business snuck up on me and floored me. We're going to rock this out. That's the plan...

That's what happens with surprises. You get the chance to make the best of them.

Poetic Ramblin': Reparations

It was a windy tuesday,
the night I reclaimed my liberation
three sheets to the wind,
I gave the finger to self preservation
all thanks to the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol
unremitting inhibitions were bound to fall
fall they did, and in the resplendent aftermath
glimmering fragments of former greatness
began the dance of revelation
the old me, almost fully forgotten
jigsawed itself back into recognizable form
born again, resurrected, back on the prowl
shedding the scowl of a 3 year sabbatical
filled with silent cries for lies to be forgotten
the truth of the situation,
was redemption (3 years in the making)
see, I mistakenly gave away my power
I let it reside nestled in a thorny flower.
attempts to recover resulted in pricks in my back
ironically, I retrieved what I lost
when I realized the cost of living focused on regret
I slammed down the glass, heaved a big sigh at last
then proceeded to reclaim what was mine


Reclaiming Liberation

I’ll start this entry out with a disclaimer.

Some of the stuff that I’m going to write is going to disappoint some people who read this blog (if many of you are still out there). Some of the stuff might not seem like that big of a deal (to me it matters). I’m writing this as a way to claim back a part of myself and as a way of letting something die. This is a necessary step for my personal development.

This is an attempt to reclaim my freedom and reconcile myself with my creativity. Last seen sometime in 2009.

Maybe 2.5/3 years ago, I met this nice young lady. Her name was Holly. She was a new co-worker at my job. She was a sprightly young lady. I thought she was kinda cool, didn’t really think too much about it. She was just a co-worker. Nothing more. At the time, I had been trying to deal with the rejection of a young lady that I’d had feelings for, for a long time. I spent a lot of time wondering why it was that she didn’t want to date me/have similar feelings for me. This was a the result of feelings that had lingered for a couple of years, and I had finally had the nerve to say something about.

I don’t know if I’d usually be considered to be the type of person to have extremely high self esteem, but after a couple of weeks of questioning, I came to the conclusion that I was an awesome guy. This was to be Shannon’s loss. I could list a bunch of great qualities about myself that would make me a catch for many other ladies. I had a great swell of pride. What was planted in my head was the thought that, if I really put my mind to it, I could win over and have any lady that I put my mind towards having.

This was about the time that I was getting to know Holly better. I started having thoughts about the fact that if I tried hard enough, I could win her over in particular. This turned into my pursuit of a friendship with her. I realized that we had a lot in common and actually, she was kinda on the weird side like I was. Yes, in a few ways, I’m a weird type gent (who says weird type gent, for example?). The awesome thing is that we had a crazy connection and she accepted me for the things that I thought other people judged me highly for. Things like getting excited about really small or weird things in life. She was really easy to get along with and time chillin’ with her was just really comfortable. After a while, this friendship business turned into some flirtiness. The flirtiness turned into a mini friends with benefits type thing. It was mostly making out in the beginning. However, It did lead to us sleeping together.

To a lot of people, this isn’t too big of a deal. Grown people do such things often. For me, it was kind of a big deal. The first thing about it is that I really tried to live life like the good Christian gent that I had been raised to be. This comes with the belief that pre-marital sex is not a good thing. I had compromised myself in the heat of a “relationship” with someone that I was comfortable with. It wasn’t a deal of: “Oh I really need this to happen, and I can’t wait.” It was more of just a: “this feels like a normal thing to do with someone.” Needless to say, it was something that was weighing on my mind for quite a while. I gave part of myself to her..

Holly was also on and off involved with a dude that lived all the way in San Diego. This was not a big deal at first, until she decided that she wanted to be with this guy and that we should be friends. That was a pretty awkward transition. It took a lot of painful talks and effort on both ends. However, we were able to have just a good friendship, nothing extra. Even though it sucked to get to that point, we got to that point and all was beginning to be good. After a few months, I spent some time being introspective, and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to get re-involved with an ex that I had broken up with a while before (I thought this would be good for me at the time). The deal was that, I felt if I was going to be restarting something with this girl, that I shouldn’t be friends with Holly anymore (given the history that we’d had). So I presented to her the idea of us not being friends anymore. I thought that would be the right thing to do. She pitched a huge hissy fit. I was told that I was being a jerk and unfair, for wanting to not be friends with her anymore (especially after all the work we’d done to make the friendship work). I decided that we could stay friends after her argument, and I got back together with the ex. A few months later, she was back with the dude in SD, and he found out what happened between us months before. He was unhappy with that, and broke up with her. This time she decided that she needed to move back to San Diego and fix things with him. Of course, without any discussion, she decided that she was not able to talk to me anymore, and we were not to be friends again.

This hypocritical act was not something that I expected from her. It was dumb of me, but it hurt me to have to go through. After everything that happened with us, I thought being friends would be something she’d fight for (not that I didn’t understand why we shouldn’t be). I just remembered that it was something that I tried to end months before, because I thought that it would be a good decision. In the midst of her dismissing me, it was decided that I should censor my (then current) livejournal, and block anyone from seeing anything that I had written that involved her. Even though I thought it was against my ideas for blogging, I went along with it. I didn’t want to cause any more problems for her and her boyfriend down there. That, however was the first time that I felt like my creative freedom was taken from me. From that moment, I could not write anything real here. I tried to keep it going with shallow, topical things, but eventually it died. I tried a couple of other ones, but it just never was able to be sustained. This also affected my ability to write poetry, which was something that I loved.

It took me this long to realize that even though I did compromise myself and my beliefs, that I needed to let things with her go. There was a period of mourning things, that I had put off for years that I went through. It wasn’t until earlier this evening, that I realized that I had to just get this story out, “in public” to be able to work on reclaiming my creative identity/freedom. This entry is a step towards me achieving that.

I needed to get that out, in order to start fresh and put the stupidity behind me. I’m taking this chance of exposing something that I had not been open to before, to liberate myself from any shame/self-judgement that was holding me back.

Here’s to the hope of recapturing some of the essence of me and moving forward!

We interrupt your normal blog reading with the following news that is just breaking: Justin is now an adult!!! Repeat: Justin is now an adult! Upon realizing this, he has reverted to a childlike mentality, and has locked himself in his room; listening to many songs from the 80's.

Back to your regular reading...

When the hell did this happen?! Was the sandman secretly stealing years from me as I lay defenseless before his power? (how dare you sandman! I shake my fist at you!)

So vivid are the memories of my first school dance, my first phone call to a girl, and the subsequent feeling of the awkwardness of that particular conversation.

I feel like I started college yesterday. I met melody yesterday! Yesterday, literally, I realized that my best friend had gained that position over 8 years ago! Not only have I a horrible sense of time, but I'm OLD!

This past weekend, I was in Oakland for a celebration dinner thrown for my friends Henry and Christie. I have had the pleasure of knowing them, their entire relationship. As I met more and more family members; I began to find myself answering the same questions: where are you working? How long have you been there? When did you graduate? When are you going to get a real job?

I engaged in conversation with my friend Tara, and heard her talk about how she trudged through the last year (kickin' and screamin') to realize that it was necessary to set up this year and where she was going now. She just got a great job, and is set to start being self sufficient. My parents disowned me financially when I was 19. I did realize that I've been stuck at my college job for a while. Tara helped me to se that I was stuck in my development time...

Time to get a grown up job!

I'm approaching my 27th year. (The old cuteness is tired action by now.) Not only do I have to get over my toys r us mentality (never wanted to grow up) but I have to face this economy head on...

Wish me luck!

I'm out...

[ passions ]

two weeks ago, I believe (I can't be fully tusted on that. Memory really is the first thing to when you get older, isn't it?) I was talking with ollie and alicia, and they were asking about my passions. It has come to my attention that my current season of "blah" is being rejected. People in my life want to see that spark again. They want some kind of evidence that there's life in these amazingly dreamy brown eyes.

There are many things that I love to do. Outside of my ocd-esque love of watching infomercials and nabbing such life saving essentials as the "sham-wow", I enjoy a bevy of different things. (I threw in that word to help me feel better about being in so much school related debt.)

I LOVE music! Want to get me engaged in a spirited conversation? Ask me something about music. I could rant on and on about my favorite artists, or about why a certain genre has changed my life (and could change yours if you'd finally just give it a try). I can give you a soliloquy about the joys of a perfectly blended mood/music cocktail and finding the right r&b chaser to those stiff pop shots. We can discuss the current state of hip-hop and how the soul of the music has been compromised. I love it all!

I also love tech stuff! I'd love to be one of those peeps who get to test the latest and greatest additions to our everyday lives. Maybe I should just sign up to work at cnet right now! Computers, cell phones, web browsers, random knickck knacks. They all make me happy. In particular I'm very passionate about Google, or as I like to call them, the poor man's apple. I've had many lively debates about my feelings for what they do for all of us. (seriously, google sync changed my life. Ask me about it). Even the new media darling/devil, the dual faced microblogging/annoying tool, Twitter is a strong interest of mine :)

People, I think, will always make me happy. I love just chillin' with a good friend, Whether we're just chattin' it up or planning out our plan of attack for getting on America's best dance crew. Friends make my heart beat fast. I love spending an afternoon with some of my closest friends, or even a new friend. (the pace of my life right now, does not allow for too much human interaction with said friends. Not to worry, all this shall be changing soon)

Lastly, I love writing. Something about getting one's thoughts down on paper is just soo liberating! Now, this can be a pretty isolating activity too. It can be misconstrued (english degree payin' dividends, baby) as an anti-social activity, writing can be a tool of bringing people together. I love hearing the rapid exchange of ideas between friends, or in a bigger open mic/poetry slam type environment.

I love lots of things! (redundantly stated, I know). It seems the current pace of my life has stunted some of these passions. Change is on the horizon my friends! I shall be getting things back under control quickly. I'm growing a little keen on my new surroundings (sacramento love?) and I shall be shedding these rough external layers and showing the inner beauty of my true self!

Here's to the coming out party!

I'm out...

| best burger search update 3 |

Alicia and I had our most frustrating weekends to date, as we tried to check out about 6 places. 

We set out with 2 places in our sights. We wanted to hit up a place called Willie's Burgers and the famous Squeeze Inn. Unfortunately for us, Squeeze Inn is closed on Sundays! We were slightly disappointed, but decided to go with one of our backups. There is a little burger place that I pass by everyday that I catch the light rail train, called Jim-Denny's Lunch. We drove up to downtown Sacramento, stomachs-a-growlin', only to find out that Jim-Denny wasn't up for the challenge of serving us a great burger on a Sunday either! We then decide to head out towards Howe ave, so that we could try a place close to Alicia's house. This place was called Jasper's Giant Burgers. Once again, we headed out with high expectations, only to have them deflated by the fact that this burger place was closed on Sundays. Saddened, we tried yet another place, this one closer to my house, called Stockton Burgers and Grill. ONCE AGAIN we find a burger place that was closed on Sunday. It didn't seem we would be able to even get a burger at all to go with the Willie's Burger experience...

So onto the burgers we did get....

Willie's Burgers

Willie's Burgers

Burger: Slamburger with bacon and cheese

Score (Out of 10)
Alicia: 5
Justin: 5

This burger place was actually cool to walk into. It had a nice feel. As far as the burgers go, I was quite surprised to see that the burgers were less than four dollars each! When we got our burger, we saw what a burger under four dollars looked like. It was a smaller burger (compared to the other burgers that we'd had so far). It was pretty good for a little burger though. My first thoughts were that it tasted like a glorified jr. bacon cheeseburger from wendy's. Alicia thought initially that the burger tasted very much "breakfast sandwich-y". I thought that for the size it was, it had too much onion on it. I would be interested in going back, prolly during the late night hours, as the idea of chili on one of those burgers sounds like it would be really good after a night of hanging out.

Scott's Burger shack

Scott's Burger Shack

Burger: ½ Pound Fatboy with Bacon

Score (Out of 10)
Alicia: 6
Justin: undecided (somewhere btwn. 6 or 6.5)

We found Scott's Burger Shack on the fly. We were literally in the car, driving towards my house, and I decided to type burgers into my sprint navigation on my phone. When I first saw it, I thought that it was a little too shady looking to have good burgers. I initially told Alicia that we should leave and go to another place that shall be added to the list of our places to check out later on. Once we were in the parking lot, I decided against trying to check out another place, due to the fact that it's usually true that some of the shadiest/dirtiest places are usually homes to the best food. We walk up to the little window, and the lady working there offers us a menu. The menu that she handed me was a 3 page delight. This place had CRAZY amounts of different foods. They had 24 different hamburger choices alone!!! They also had tacos, burritos, taquitos, hot dogs, and sub sandwiches. We decided that we'd get our staple burger with bacon and cheese. When they served us the burger, we were skeptical, as it came in a little brown bag, just like Willie's. When we opened up the bag, we were very shocked. Alicia noted: "It looks really big for the price!" The burger we got, as we ordered it, was less than 5 dollars. VERY ECONOMICAL. It looked really good, but as I ate it, I was disappointed with it. I couldn't decide what was up with it. Alicia had a brilliant idea though...


Scott's Burger shack *Redo*

Scores (Out of 10)
Alicia: 7
Justin: 7.5

Alicia thought that the condiments that were currently on the first burger (ketchup and mustard) didn't really do it justice. She made a note of the fact that the overwhelming majority of the burgers that we tried, had a "special sauce" or 1000 island dressing, instead of ketchup and mustard (except burger and brew). She thought that we should try the same burger with 1000 island dressing instead. So we deliberated a bit, and we decided that we would try another one with the 1000 island instead.

I thought it was a rather simple and crazy fix, but once I bit into the burger, my idea changed. Alicia said that with the new sauce on it, that it made the burger for her. I thought that it really tasted like a completely different burger. The first time around the meat didn't really have any real taste to it. The second time around, I could definitely taste the flavor of the meat. I was also able to tell that there was actually relish and pickles on the burger! Such a small change was a game changer for the burger from the burger shack. It became a very tasty burger, and has influenced our decision to try to have the special sauce whenever possible. 

So our crazy afternoon of burger hunting turned out to have great results. We found a great burger place with really good burgers, and we found a place that would definitely be one we'd visit again and again. Just for special note, both burgers this week totalled less than the price of one of the burgers from each of the first five places that we went to. Those tended to run about 7-9 bucks each, and both burgers that we had were under 5 bucks each. 

until next time!

I'm out...